3rd year

The idea is simple: After 3 years of maturation, I have decided to be a professional bartender. But there are a couple of catches, or perhaps goals, yes goals are better than stipulations. I want to be known as a professional bartender, raise the level of the professional bartender, establish some level of knowledge and technique for those who follow me, and perhaps retire, maybe.

I decided the best way to achieve these goals is through writing, study, practice, travel and at present carving my own muddler. I chose maple and a rasp that is about1.5 inches wide. I know carpenters and shipwrights that have called this stupid, while they are not incorrect I wish for a Buddhist monk or two to explain the meditative process of focusing on a singular task. Unfortunately, I have chosen a poor medium to appeal to the Buddhist monk community.

The man at the wood working store told me that back in the day maple was used for many wooden utensils because of its hardness and tight cellular structure. He went on to say the one of George Washington’s sets of teeth was maple. I in turn traded trivia with that fact that he soaked his teeth in port to ease the pain of chewing. And satisfied that we were both nerds, I bought the rasp and left. I don’t expect to be done with this anytime soon, but let us together sketch the metaphor: as I whittle away sawdust, so shall I hone my skills. That is a Jane Austen metaphor.

Rasp and Wood

Rasp and Wood

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