A public Service Message

As I prepare for my most hated shift of the year a thought passed through my mind.

December 5th, repeal day (the end of American prohibition) is the best day to drink. There are over 300 great days in there year to go out and have a cocktail. There are another 60 ish days that are lesser days to drink( I call them week ends), St Paddy’s being one of the worst. But on New Years Eve, there are only two options: 1. stay inside, at home, with the ones you love or 2. make a big pile of cash.

New Years Eve is sloppy, dangerous, not fun and never lives up to any body’s expectations. If you are a mercenary, such as myself, you roll the dice for fortune and glory. But if you are a civilian, please stay inside, for I can not be kind to you tonight, some one will vomit on you, you will not get a cab and it is not safe with that level of drunken half apes out for kicks.

Please spend your money, with me, your bartender, any day other than New Years Eve. But on New Years Eve, cuddle up and play house or doctor, you know what I’m saying.

To my brothers (and sisters) in arms, don’t let the door man drink tonight, keep your head on straight, its the one night were short pours are allowed, get real paid and make your brunch plans before your shift.

Fortune and Glory

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