Pineaple and Chartreuse

Earlier today I said

“Pineapple and chartreuse are best friends. They went to college together, charteuse went to seminary and did post grad work, pineapple dropped out with one semester left and smoked weed on the beach.  But they still get together every few years and have a great time together.”

I just thought you should know.

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1 Response to Pineaple and Chartreuse

  1. wasabi prime says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting my dad a few bottles of something interesting for his birthday in October, and since I don’t have a well-developed taste for that spirit, it’s helpful to read descriptions of so many different options. I’m thinking of getting him a couple of the Japanese ones you described, as I think it will be a nice conversation piece during cocktail hour at Casa de Papa-Wasabi and he’ll enjoy every drop. Cheers!

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