A quick note on stirring

A quick note on stirring

At home, and at my 3rd martini, (6 if you count my girlfriend’s 3rd also) I realized a way to explain how to stir a drink delicately without using 6 pages of sexual innuendos and foul language.  At home, I stir my martini: (2oz gin, .75oz dry vermouth 2 dashes orange bitter, my recipe for using London dry gin is a wet martini, I stir it with a glass rod in a crystal mixing glass with an entire tray of ice per cocktail.

And that is how delicately you stir a drink.


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1 Response to A quick note on stirring

  1. A.J. says:

    Hah, more people should realize the sexiness of stirring–and now maybe more will. But I have to admit I now have a picture of you in some sort of robe and the Mrs. (well, the girlfriend) in some sort of diaphanous attire in the living room beaming at each other while you stand on the bearskin rug in front of the fire stirring drinks while candles burn and Al Green plays in the background. Is that a good thing to picture? Well, it is Friday.

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