speed blogging: 62 people found my blog looking for answers for the following

Last week people in search of the following information found my blog.  I don’t know what answers they found, but more concisely, here are those answers:

1.    42 below vodka: the best vodka in the world
2.    42 below vodka scam: all vodka is a scam, 42 below is the best tasting scam with the purest water and with the most humorous ads, 42 below vodka: rewarding cleverness
3.    a drink you stir: any drink that is all spirits is stirred, aka drinks you can see through
4.    absinthe: read this blog post
5.    absinthe louche: the milky look that absinthe has when the oils mix with water
6.    andrew bohrer: 29 year old bartender poet who loves bikes, Legos and booze
7.    angostura bitters: an aromatic high proof alcohol mélange, the first commercially available, likely flavored with gentian amongst other things
8.    ball squeezing handjob: no, but  thank you
9.    bandana whisky cocktail photography: you should keep a bandana in your back pocket, its like taking a towel everywhere, whiskey is good and photography is pretty?
10.    bartender gets drunk on job: that’ll happen, you should fire him is it happens, um, I don’t know a few times, 7.
11.    bartending drink pictures: you should look here
12.    bitters: are a mix of high proof tinctures, they are the salt and pepper to cocktails
13.    blue blazer recipe: look here
14.    brand names of cocktails: are a marketing scam, the Bacardi cocktail, needing Bacardi outside of 1930’s court rulings, nope
15.    built drinks: meaning to pour over ice
16.    caiphrinia recipe: 2 oz cachaca, 1 oz lime, 1 oz simple syrup-I like it over crushed ice
17.    campari-italian bitter aperitif, read about it here
18.    campari salma hayek-did a series of ads for Campari called “hotel Campari” they are all super hot
19.    cask strength- whiskey right out of the barrel, no dilution, no filtering, also called barrel proof
20.    ciroc vodka- p diddy loves it
21.    classic drinks for men-yes sir! Here we go- the Manhattan, Gin Martini, Robert Burns, Blood and Sand, Negroni, Old Pal, Boulevardier, Toronto, Martinez- All of these drinks say ”a man is in the bar” and when a lady orders them, it says “men, I am too good for you don’t talk to me unless you can drink like me”
22.    classic drinks with bitters: all of them, the definition of “cocktail” is an all spirit drink with bitters.  What most people think of as cocktails are actually “sours”
23.    cocktail cruise: I endorse any activity that involves drinking and the sea
24.    concept board: chalk board?
25.    dirty windshield: they have squeegees at the gas station or you can pay a homeless guy
26.    drinking a pisco sour: best drink to start a day of summer drinking: 1.5 oz pisco, 1 oz lemon, 1oz sugar 1 egg white shake and strain with a dash of bitters on top
27.    fernet branca celiac: celiac is a wheat problem that is not an issue after distillation and I think fernet branca is made of beets
28.    flair bartending: ask a juggler how much money he makes in a night and then ask him if he make a Manhattan, if he can Vegas wants to hire him, if he can’t he should stay at the state fair grounds
29.    gin allergy: juniper allergy is to pollen, not to gin
30.    go fuck yourself mug:  that was on the onion website here
31.    hand job: always good for a joke
32.    how to carve a ball:  get a cube of ice, cut off the 8 corners then cut off those corners and done
33.    how to carve ice:  I score it with a knife and then tap an ice pick along that line and it should shear nicely, also, try using a bread knife
34.    how to serve absinthe: ice cold water poured over a sugar cube, no fire needed
35.    ingredients peychaud’s: I wish I knew, I always taste a lot of almond
36.    instead of an appletini: a stadler and waldorf, which is a play on an Algonquin which is 2 oz rye 1oz pineapple and 1oz dry vermouth
37.    introduction vodka:  that is here
38.    japanese ice ball: is rolling down Mount Fuji to destroy you
39.    japanese mixing glass: simple idea, huge vessel to maximize the amount of ice touching the spirit, you can use a French press coffee carafe or go to cocktail kingdom to buy one
40.    jerry Thomas: one of the first celebrity bartenders circa 1860, more here
41.    keith bartoloni: bad ass bartender in Seattle at the Hazelwood and Ballard
42.    larry flynt: a dirty bad man who pays ladies to see their parts
43.    negroni recipe: 1oz gin 1oz Campari 1 oz sweet vermouth
44.    nikka yoichi 10 year old: the single malt winner of my Japanese tasting lesson, not available in the US
45.    nuvo liquor: BOOOOOOO
46.    or how to ask for a vodka martini with vermouth: its called a kangaroo kicker and you will have to explain it every time
47.    randy tarlow: a handsome devil bartender working in LA who owns cocktail couture
48.    salma hayek measurements: if I had to guess  I’d say: awesome’ 26’ awesome’
49.    sazerac handy mike meinke:  check out my explaination or the triobar website, but that is in German
50.    scrappy’s bitters: local Seattle Bitters made by Miles Thomas
51.    shark week drinking games: Wow, some one is smarter than me, a shot of whiskey for every guy that gets bitten and drink every time you hear “chum” or “teeth”
52.    single malt: a whiskey made from malting at one distillery but the barrels can still be blended with whiskey from that distillery so long as the age statement is that of the youngest whiskey blended
53.    strained panties: always fine strain cucumber drinks
54.    sydney frank: well, he is dead now, so he can do no more harm, but he was responsible for grey goose vodka
55.    the hand washers brigade presents: I don’t know, but we should all wash more
56.    tom cruise cocktail: a bad movie with a good message: Elizabeth Shue
57.    types of glasswares in a bar:  Everyone should get a glassware catalogue to see that almost every glass has a different name, but there is no such thing as a martini glass. A martini glass is a cocktail glass with a martini in it.  Some times at home I use a maritini mug when I’m walking my dog, sometimes it’s a scotch mug, but really, its just a mug illed with scotch
58.   vesper recipe: 1.5 oz dry gin .5 oz vodka and a dash of lillet blanc with a twist of lemon
59.    white lady:  there are several, most common is 1.5 oz dry gin 1oz cointreau 1oz lemon juice
60.    white lady salmonella: this refers to the egg white variation, any badness in an egg is killed doubly by the booze in a cocktail or the ph of juice
61.    wicked gimlet recipe: boston in the house: wicked pissah gimlet: 2 oz dry gin, ,5oz lime .25 oz simple syrup
62.    zissou campari: interns will fetch you campari

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3 Responses to speed blogging: 62 people found my blog looking for answers for the following

  1. Alan Moss says:

    I have similar strange search terms on my blog which I summarised here:


  2. Jess says:

    I like you, number #38.

  3. Jess says:

    Also, like commenting twice on the same blog post, writing “number” and then adding “#” is redundant.

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