I only have enough time to drink the good stuff: a last meal with my best friend.

I only have enough time to drink the good stuff: a last meal with my best friend.
Whenever someone is in my bar, pining over their next drink, I frequently say, “need I remind you of the transient and fleeting nature of life.” I do not say this to sell, well perhaps I do, I say this to sell a moment. Like Al Pacino said in the in the film version of David Mamet’s Glen Gary Glenross,

“Great meals fade in reflection, everything else gains, you know why? cause they’re only food, the shit we burn out… it’s only food.”

But what I’ll offer is that you remember the great events around great meals. The best meal of my life was at Beast, in Portland OR, I can only recall 2 courses, ( out  of  7 ) but I remember 1 glass of wine ( out  of  8 ) and being happier than ever with my special lady. Otis, my best friend, is dying. Baydra, my special lady, has been his best friend for 13 years. Before you get too concerned, he is a dog, but, HE IS STILL MY BEST FRIEND and the best thing ever to happen to, and be influenced by Baydra. He was molded by her love. And tonight, our last night, we have much to imbibe and much hugging to do.

otis in a field

A king

Not surprisingly, I am drunk as I write right now. I am an atheist, but my dog reminds me everyday of the first 2 truths of the Buddha. Life is pain and the cause if that pain is desire, and before you get all, “you are a blasphemous fuck,” about me, understand that I think that there are almost no humans that understand, “being desire less,” but almost all animals do.

An aside: Baydra (very special lady friend) just said: guys are really interesting about spills, quote: “you just spilled your rye, clean it up, you would clean it up in your bar.”


The laying of a cloth over the spilled rye was not good enough for her, I have cleaned it since and now I can type more.

So back to my point, were I to compare my dog to Jesus, Christians would be offended, but were I to compare him to Buddha, a Buddhist would not. This is inconsequential to the fact that I don’t consider him holy, rather, I am just trying to express that I see him (my dog) as better than me (a person) because he is. Earthly matters do not weigh him down, E.G. like Jesus and Buddha he is enlightened, but not like the common man.

The goods

Today, I purchased 1 bottle of Wild Turkey Rye, 12, 6.2% alc Simpler Times beers, 1 liter of Lambic Frambois, 1 bottle of good Champagne, (not a non descript sparkling wine, but good champagne), 1 bottle of decent petit syrah, and the addition of a single barrel bottling of Sazercac, picked by Joel Baker of Bourbon and Branch. There are also present 3, 1lbs seasoned rib eye steak. 2 lbs of bacon wrapped (by me) tri tips, linguini, ciabatta, truffle oil (Otis loves truffle oil) and spinach and mixed green salad with a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette. These goods, are a send off of great goods.


Love wrapped in bacon

Life is shit then you die. Or: Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, in the end signifying nothing.
This melancholy diatribe, delivered by a Hamlet wannabe, in blog format, is a veiled way to invite you, dear reader, to not hesitate. Live deliberately. My best friend is about to die, he has several cancers, and his spleen has ruptured. But his last meal will be remembered by the 3 of us, we will make it special.


A bowl of goodbye and love

People meet me, and I am quiet, and in a year or so, they might say, “he is a good guy,” I take a while to know. Small children meet Otis and they say, “his ears are so soft, he is nice” while he, and the child, and myself all smile. My half a bottle of wild turkey rye and 2 beers have to leave now. We all have to eat our respective pounds of steak, rye whiskey, good champagne and 12 beers. My keyboard is wet with tears, my only point to this 698 word blog post is that please don’t save the good stuff for a later day, enjoy it now with people that you care about. Anything less is fooling yourself.

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8 Responses to I only have enough time to drink the good stuff: a last meal with my best friend.

  1. craig Harper says:

    I’ve just found your blog today (from Mr Hess’s site), and am ever so sorry to hear about your friend. Your writing is beautiful and true, and I shall open up a bottle I’ve been saving tonight, kiss both my boys, and raise a glass to Otis,

    Look forward to reading/sharing happier times in the future with you


    The Day Which We Fear As Our Last Is But The Birthday Of Eternity

  2. wasabi prime says:

    This post fractures the heart in so many ways. Beloved pets find a way into our lives and become permanent fixtures, inspiring us to love with honesty and discover blessings behind living simply. We believe we teach them things, to shake a paw or fetch a toy, but they teach us the most profound things and we are never the same for it. I’m so, so sorry to hear this news about Otis. I am going to hug our dog Indy and I fear I may never want to let her go.

  3. Martin Feveyear says:

    Andrew, your words brought me to tears again. I was Otey’s papa for many years and am so heartbroken that I am traveling in South America while yourself, Baydra and Otis have gone through this. I hate that I could not say goodbye to him but I am so glad that he had so much love from the both of you.
    What I rely on from animals is their honesty, they can’t lie to you. They can be bad and sneaky and they can sulk but they can’t play emotional games. I don’t believe in the “animals give unconditional love” bullshit. It’s totally conditional, it’s just not wrapped in disguise or any human baggage so you always know where you stand and what the furry ones need from you and that is why they are good for us.
    Anyone that met Otis benefitted from it. He only stayed with us occasionally in the last few years but my daughter Azalea has grown to adore him and is always excited when she know cabbage breath is coming to stay. I don’t know how to break it to her, she will be devastated.
    Love to you both,
    The Feveyears

  4. Imbibe Jen says:

    cheers to your best friend. so sorry for your loss.

  5. Charles Munat says:

    Now my keyboard is wet, too.

  6. Tony Harion says:

    I wish I had read this post before. It moved me in many ways, as I also lost my best friend this month.
    Your writing is brilliant, and it only made me wish I could have done the same for my friend. Unfortunately it happened with no warnings.
    I hope both of you are recovering well.

  7. Purg says:

    It’s good for a reminder to cherish the ones in your life.

  8. Imbibe Jen says:

    I commented on your blog sometime ago, but was thinking of you recently since I had to put my dog down two weeks ago. Rookie, 14. He had the same spleen & cancer issues as your beloved Otis. Thanks for making it easier, took some advice on your post, couldn’t really forget it. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. I hope you are recovering well, I am still in mourning, but better off knowing I gave him a damn good life and he did as well for me. :) thanks. look forward to meeting you someday. jen at imbibe

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