Drinking Like a Man Double Interlude

I had intended to write one rule a day, but realistically, I’m mostly human and I ran out  of time.  Also, later today, because it is 2 am, I’ll taking a break from my strenuous blogging schedule to go down to San Fran, which I love saying because I understand how people hate saying that.  I’ll be tending bar at Bourbon and Branch, back in the Library.  Bourbon and Branch would ask that if you show up, dress for this room:

Could stand a bit more taxerdermy, but it will do

That does indeed mean to dress like your Pulitzer is dusty due to being on safari for so long.  While I’m down there I’ll be working with my old friend Amanda Womack.  She is a fancy lady of much ruffles and whiskey.  You’ll be lucky to get a rare drink made by her.

Don't bother wearing socks, BECAUSE SHE WILL ROCK THEM OFF!

Also, I’ll be cranking out some of my bullshit labor intensive drinks.  For example, the made for SF Bitter Handshake.  This Fernet based sexy lady actually tastes good too.  Hope to see you there.

The San Francisco Treat

But when I get back, I’ll return to the next five rules of manly drinking.  5 rules for which I shall be much more positive and actually learned new things from people way smarter than me.  woo.

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7 Responses to Drinking Like a Man Double Interlude

  1. casey robison says:

    sadly, and with utter humility, I assume I cannot, well, assume myself in the category of “people smarter than you”… god damn cherry bombs. With every one, a brain cell or 5,000 dies…. have fun is SF homie.

  2. Nathan says:

    Amanda is indeed a fancy lady and I am sorry I can’t attend.

  3. Gotta be a geek and ask: what was the make and model of that peeler you were driving so artfully over the skin of those oranges last night?

  4. Al says:

    Hope you’re still going to finish this ‘drink like a man’ guide. I’ve enjoyed what you’ve written so far!

  5. brent butler says:

    hello andrew, great show at b&b. nice to see your work in person. just a question, how would you recommend one go about learning to carve ice? and on a practical note, for service at a bar would you chop off blocks or squares to be ready for service? any advice would be appreciated, thanks. t-shirt idea- “Jack Daniels is for pussys.”

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