Cocktail Apps and Drunk on Easter Morning

Easter is here and that means spring-cleaning for me. So, I’m finally getting around to having that last bit of Gran Centenario Anejo in my Easter Margarita, or my Easterita…depending on how many I’ve had…and my penchent for slurring on Sundays.

But, instead of really cleaning, I thought I’d take a minute to write about something other than my normal angry-smash-smash rants.  Though I promise you I am still full of spite filled acidic rants, just not today. Today I will talk about things I like, apps I like, to be precise. There are a couple of beverage apps for all those smarter-than-me phones that I endorse because they actually inspire me to enjoy my job.

Easter Tipsy

No one is paying me to do this (though I wouldn’t turn down a new iPad). 


Jeff “Beach Bum” Berry is a big fucking deal.  So much so that if I were to rebrand him I might call him Beach “Big Fucking Kahuna” Bum Berry.  I always recommend the Bum’s books, but frankly they are for those that want a story, a long story, a story filled with all sorts of facts and history (I tell that story too…like this one time, during prohibition….zzzzzzz).  Thankfully the Bum’s cocktail app TIKI+ combines all of the knowledge of his books into an app that is concise and logical, but still conveys his love of kitschy fun and quality cocktails.

Great photos from the book, easy to use recipes at maximum strength

Specifically, the huge wins for this app are:

  • A rum decoder
  • A database searchable by ingredients
  • A function to help convert units of measurement
  • A note keeping section for each recipe (because ingredients named vary quite a bit)
  • A brief histories of tiki’s biggest influences (the crux of the book Sippin’ Safari)

This app is essential for anyone looking to understand and enjoy cocktails, Tiki or otherwise.  Also, Jeff is a great writer; you should give him a 5 spot for his research.

IBA Cocktail App

Drink writers and bartenders all say that every generation hates to drink what their parents drank, but that logic just leaves us with vodka redbull.  There can’t be more that 60 drinks in this app, but they are all those with history (except the Japanese Slipper).  This brief list of cocktails seems cliché at first, but in actuality is more like the list of 70’s cinema that we take for granted but never really studied.  This app reviews the perfect execution of the Tom Collins, which if pounded in college in excess is boring.  Take the same drink, served perfectly, in the setting of your choosing (for me: clad in white pants on the croquet course) and in this simplicity it shows true luxury.

it is free, use it

Some of the reviews say that this app is too limited.  Yes, it is not some encyclopedic clusterfuck of recipes, and that is good.  It is a list of basics known from Bennigan’s to the Zig Zag that will still be classics in 40 years.

Nimble Strong

This is a videogame!  This is a video game where you pretend to be a bartender! Shut up with your jokes.

Yes, you are poor, you are initially unqualified for your job and you have to talk with idiots.  This is a reality game; you even have a surly guy with a facial scar to guide you along the way.  All of the drinks that are the classics listed in the IBA app are here for you to fake pour and faux serve to extremely accurately written characters (drunk philospher guy, overtly flirty gay dude, dumped girl) and you get to work with bitchy cocktail servers.

But what really happens is a guide to understanding how to make drinks on the most basic level: adding ice first, when to stir, how to garnish and even get better tips.  This videogame actually talks about flavor balance, something that is missing from 99% of any cocktail apps or books.

Anybody out there calling me "Tolstoy" that wants to start up with "Nimble Strong" I'm fine with that

This video game is stupid, but I love it.  Sometimes I wish I could still discover how to make all of these drinks again for the first time.

Also when you beat it, you can get a diploma.  Blammo!

framing it

Seattle Cocktail Culture

There is no bar better than any other bar (too Zen?).  But what I mean is that sometimes I want a whiskey/beer/burger and sometimes I want negroni/hamachi crudo.  Seattle Sips Cocktail app highlights accurately the better parts of my city’s top venues for boozery.  For me, it mostly serves as a happy hour reminder, but for others it is an excellent checklist of the best drinks in town.

The screen shot has Moshi Moshi up for a reason GO THERE NOW!

If I missed your favorite cocktail app, please send me hate mail along with the URL and a check for buying the app.

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8 Responses to Cocktail Apps and Drunk on Easter Morning

  1. Brant Boelts says:

    Cocktails Regan, Boudreau, Degroff, Craddock, Johnson, Baker. Classic with a touch of new school. Keep up the excellent blogging Cheers!

  2. James says:

    Thanks for the app recommendations Andrew. As a novice to the craft – where is a good place to procure some of the more obscure ingredients from the Tiki app? I’m in southern CA if that makes a difference.

    • caskstrength says:

      You can make everything that is a syrup or a liqueur, he answers are out there. Falernum is easy thanks to cocktail chronicles, allspice dram is on art of drink and swedish punsch can be found on two at the most. For buying syrups go to trader tiki .com

  3. Neil says:

    First, you’re welcome.

    Second, the best (but sadly no longer available) cocktail app on the iPhone was Cocktails by the same people who did Tiki . Hope they’re just working on a more awesome version to re-release sometime in the future.

  4. john says:

    Any worthy Droid-able apps?

  5. The Tiki+ app is great! I really like not having to get out the book to look up a recipe.

  6. Kim says:

    Nice round up! You and your readers might be interested in What Cocktail? (

    It’s aimed at your indecisive friends who don’t know what to order. Containing classic cocktails that any good bar should be able to make (and nothing embarrassing or silly) it chooses a drink based on time of day, season, and mood.

    It’s been awarded app of the day by gizmodo and tuaw and been listed by several graphic design blogs/sites and the odd lifestyle magazine.

    As one of the authors of the app, I’d be happy to send you a promo code, sadly Apple prohibits this for age restricted apps. I’d imagine the cheque clearing fees would be more than the price of the app…:)

    Love to hear what you think.

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