The Chainsaw Shift: The PowerPoint from the Tales of the Cocktail Seminar.

Download: the chainsaw shift presentation

This presentation is a bit huge, and might take a while to download, but has everything including 15 minutes of video. If it’s straining your connection here are some other bits of helpful video I have uploaded to youtube to help you pass the time.

I spend a lot of time practicing ice and obsessing over its minutia.  I have a lot more gems of knowledge stored away in my brain that wouldn’t fit in this presentation lest you Zzzzzzz…… but please feel free to ask me specific questions about this whole process in the blog comments.  I don’t want to hold the secrets; I want this industry to be better and that starts with you, whether you’re the discerning patron of our arts, or a bartender striving for kaizen.

Also, I couldn’t have done this seminar without the help of friends Jon Santer & Anu Apte.

And, of course Cody Rossen from Maker’s Mark who is a huge supporter of simple straight whisky along with craft cocktails.  Thank you Maker’s Mark.

Lastly, thank you Lil’ Todos (Michelle), I really needed your help editing and well, with everything.


-Andrew Bohrer

P.S. Here is more information than you would ever want to know about the Clinebell machine. Check out the full-color tiger shark ice sculpture. RAWR!

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5 Responses to The Chainsaw Shift: The PowerPoint from the Tales of the Cocktail Seminar.

  1. Tony Harion says:

    i had the ticket but couldnt join you guys that day, so i really appreciate this post!

    i heard yall had a great time, too bad i missed.


    • caskstrength says:

      It was a good one, all you missed is Jon Santer and I doing a duet on Deacon Blues by Steely Dan.

      But it sounded like angels.

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