Cocktail Advent Calendar- Dec 5th, The Godson

I was born March 12th 1980.  Since that date, the Godson cocktail has only been ordered 7 times the whole world over.  It was ordered 6 times in Brooklyn in 2005 by a Joe Musstash who failed in starting an ironic trend and once by a young man, Sean O’Leary, the fanciest man in Ireland, and in 1986 he proclaimed it, “yummy.” But Sean then went back to white wine spritzers.

Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar is a drink that every bartender knows and no bartender ever makes, the Godson.  Us IBA trained tenders no doubt know the Godfather(scotch & amaretto) and may have occasionally served a Godmother (vodka & amaretto) or 2 but the Godson is a sweet-pie, scotch outlier.

Do you know how tough you have to be to walk out of the house wearing a turlteneck?

The Godson has never caught on because scotch drinkers are a bunch of stubborn sons of bitches.  I write you as one now.  But I can tell you that the scotch cocktail is nothing to fear and I’m not talking about some bitter Ardbeg Float, I’m talking about Rusty Nails, Cameron’s Kicks and cocktails that only real men that wear Steve McQueen turtlenecks, and that talk about their feeling, are able to drink.

The reason the Godson is such a winner is:

  • Amaretto is amazing: everyone loves it, underage drinkers to the elderly love an amaretto sour
  • Cream: enjoying dairy is what makes us different from animals, eat a brie wheel and enjoy your place in the food web
  • Scotch: not smoky, but we’ll use a full bodied round scotch to cut the dairy fat and mellow the sweetness of the amaretto

Like ordering a White Russian but instead of quoting the Big Lebowski, the bartender will laugh at you.

The Godson

  • 1.5 oz Scotch, no islay, keep it Highland or Speyside
  • .75 oz Amaretto. Nut allergies fear not! Amaretto is made from apricot pits
  • .75 oz Heavy Cream. Dairy allergy? Isn’t there medicine for that?
Stir and strain over big ice

What does all of this mean?  Balance.  Good drinks have balance, you have that here but what makes it great? Luxury.  The Godson today will be over hand cut ice.  Only the finest for you, keeping the drink sub zero cold.  Drinking one is tantamount to sipping fresh spun silk backed by fine whisky.  Man up and have a great sweet drink.

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3 Responses to Cocktail Advent Calendar- Dec 5th, The Godson

  1. No Islay? Not even Bunnahabhain?
    How about Mull? Perhaps southern Highland?
    You’re just trying to avoid heavy peating, right?

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