Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 7th, The Curbside Cider


I often write a little bit buzzed but I just got back from a super novacaine dentist vist, so this blog will have the brevity of pain and the typos of a before noon scotch.

Because percocet tastes awful

I pretty much have no interest in creating new cocktails.  The only exceptions to that are new ingredients on the market and combining ingredients that never could have met.  This is my bartender’s version of wondering who would win in a fight between samurai and viking or some other shitty Discovery Chanel show.

This cocktail expertly balances mixology’s 2 trendiest ingredients.   Curbside Cider not only blends a bitter Italian digestivo (Fernet Branca) with Northern Europe’s bright seasonal offering of elderflower liqueur (Pur Likor Blossom).  Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar puts together 2 ancient liqueur that hadn’t likely ever met before 2008. Jeff Grdinich is the creator of this one.  I’ve always known him as the most organized guy at Tale of the Cocktail.  A true gentleman that has helped me at great length with chainsaws in the New Orleans miasma.  I want to say more about him but my numb mouth is causing me to drool, I must make haste.

The flavor profile of the Curbside Cider will include the flavors of cinnamon, clove, pear, lychee and mint; though the cocktail is bereft of all of those ingredients. And again, we’d like to thank mom for giving us a crock-pot.  Without one, how would we ever serve hot punch?

We are really giving the toddy glasses a workout this month.

Curbside Cider

I am going, I am going any which way the wind may be blowing, I am going, I am going where streams of whisky are flowing.

Sorry, listening to the Pogues too, and I thought you should know.

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4 Responses to Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 7th, The Curbside Cider

  1. Nice glasses!

    The Missus has been bothering me lately to get a vintage-ish pair, where did you find those lovelies?

    • caskstrength says:

      Would love to say I got them at a Roy Orbison estate sale, but in reality while they are Ray Ban I bought them at Target.

  2. D says:

    Tried one of these tonight. Didn’t have proper cider, so used some Damn Proper Apple Juice. Didn’t have Pur elderflower, so used 1/2oz d’Arbo elderflower syrup and a dash more rye. Didn’t have any pear slices, but did have a few cubes of quince braised in Agricole and Creole Shrubb from last night’s dinner.

    Fuckin’ excellent. Bit heavier than the original, I’m sure, but hey, it’s 37 degrees out right now.

  3. Don says:

    I’d really like to try this at work, but we’d have to sub St. Germaine for Pur. I’ve never had the chance to try Pur – would it be pretty close, or are they quite different?

    Great blog!

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