Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 18th, Hot Espresso Buttered Rum

Hot Espresso Buttered Rum. That is what today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar holds in store for you. You can buy hot buttered rum batter in the grocery store that’s not very special. We could make you a better version of that better and will be kind of special. But today Anu is whipping up espresso & vanilla bean buttered syrup with date puree to drizzle across your hot buttered rum.  This actual recipe may be a proprietary secrets so we’ll have to wait to put out the actual ingredients but I’ve had said, “drizzle,” and it is amazing.  It’s the kind of life-changing experience that makes you wonder why Starbucks doesn’t just have vanilla butter as a flavor. It’s so good it makes you wonder if, “drinking butter,” is going to be a new trends like drinking chocolate. It’s the kind of game changer that should make you want to own your own dairy cow.

The goldfish represents the drizzle of espresso butter.

Hot buttered rum mix TBA.





It’s actually even so good I can’t even really pair it with a sad Christmas song.  which is why today is more of a sultry slow Christmas song.  Baby it’s cold outside by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan, perhaps the one sad thing about this song is a woman’s concern that she might be labeled a strumpet where she should just stay inside with someone Sheidaig’s and have a warm Christmas beverage. What kind of terrible world could’ve written this song where snuggling with something to be feared. Oh how far we’ve come.

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