Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec24 th, The Blue Blazer

To close out the Cocktail Advent Calendar we have the very impressive but a bit slacker Blue Blazer.  To read too much about the Blue Blazer, check this old post.  But let’s be honest, a Blue Blazer is really just the fanciest and most dangerous way possible to make a Hot Toddy.  One of my recent tricks to improve this drink is that after I really get the fire going, I add in the sugar to get it a bit caramelized.  But remember, this drink doesn’t have to be so hard to make if you can do a little simple math.  The secret words are, “flash point.”


A lot of bartenders will tell you that spirits are flammable when they are 100 proof or 50% alcohol, while this it true, it is also the Newtonian physics explanation of things- this is true at room temperature and at sea level.  But heated alcohol doesn’t require such a high proof to reach a flashpoint, any cook will tell you that 80proof cooking brandy explodes like napalm when heated.  For Blue Blazer nubes, heating the booze first is a big help.


Lower the lights for the best show

Lower the lights for the best show


Blue Blazer


  • fill two mugs with hot water let mugs warm up
  • pour 2oz Bookers Bourbon (easily flammable, cheap and great) into a jigger
  • pour 2 oz hot water and .5 oz agave nectar into another jigger
  • discard water in mugs pour each jigger’s contents into a separate mug
  • ignite bourbon mug, pour the flame back and forth 4 or 5 times
  • if skill allows, now pour .5 oz simple syrup and 1 oz water into the mugs
  • pour the flame back and forth 4 or 5 times
  • pour into an toddy glass
  • extinguish the mugs by placing them atop each other
  • garnish with the twist of  lemon



The last sad song is coming from the O’Jays who want to remind you that we still have another crumby holiday to get through, “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”  I’ll make some suggestions in my next post.




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