The New Cocktail Vernacular

The New Cocktail Vernacular

I hate to burst your bubble but when you are using a new “word-a-day” calendar, all your co-workers can tell.  All of a sudden, the new marketing plan is “insipid” instead of a “shit box.”  But hey, it’s alright, you are looking to better yourself and there are great words out there and seemingly new words created everyday.  In the sprits world (where I skulk about) there are as many new trends as there are bloggers to write about them.


The “information” of so many new drinkables is crushing and worse yet, we don’t really know how to talk about them.  All of these new products, terms & trends are confusing but demystifying them is important because I don’t want a 37th tequila brand owned by some rich asshole made at the same distillery that already made a cheap tequila I liked .* And if that trend is going to keep happening, it’s good to have a way to articulate my/our irritation via a prodigious lexicon – instead of just saying “fuck that guy.”

Also, there is a terrible trend in the service industry I call “burdening your guests.” Recently we have gotten to a point where chefs say:

Rocket, Sunchoke, Gold Sultanas, Acetic Acid & Sucrose

And they shouldn’t have to explain more to an experienced dinner, but it’s rude to not say more (or just say less).

just a fucking salad with fucking raisins

just a fucking salad with fucking raisins

Bartenders, in an effort to cultivate their own worth & mystery have started to follow suit with things like:

Small Batch Bourbon, Wormwood Infused Wine, Cinchona Tincture & Preserved Maraska

manhattan cocktail

just a fucking manhattan

But I’ll help you decode.

What I have in store for you is a “word-a-day” blog post so you can catch up with the new words featured on your favorite cocktail menus.  This list is basically harvested from a word bubble of my  “most interesting or rant worthy” questions from the past 2 years of teaching. And in word-a-day calendar style, I’ll try to keep these definitions short, you can research more on your own and feel free to explain-a-brag further in my comments section.


*see entry #4 that explains “NOM” coming soon

Here are the 1st 12:

New Mexican Suite

  1. Mezcal
  2. Racilla
  3. Pechuga

New Acronym Suite

  1. LDI & MGPI
  2. NOM
  3. TTB & FDA
  4. NGS or GNS
  5. FNG

New Vodkas

  1. Complex Character Vodka
  2. Moonshine
  3. Charcoal Filtration
  4. Juniper Vodka

And many more to follow…

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2 Responses to The New Cocktail Vernacular

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  2. Nikki says:

    Thank you! I was recently in a bar and could barely read the drink descriptions. I had to google every other word. Made me very frustrated. Why get all fancy? Just say vermouth!

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