The New Cocktail Vernacular, The Acronym Suite is over, the “New Vodkas” are next

If you thought this suite was boring, you are right.  I hate acronyms and I really do try to use them less.  I find them to be exclusionary and often, not really time savers, like any acronym with a “W.”  This is why I wanted to explain some spirits basics.

The NFG – less a list of Non Functional Garnishes and more of a thought exercise on creating cocktails deliberately

NOM – the rules of agave production in Mexico, for better or for worse and how to identify tequila distilleries- a stunning transparency not known to many other countries

LDI and MGPI– the mother distillery and the company that owns it

The FNGTry not to be the FNG by recognizing we are all the FNG -from the Tao of Fucking New Guy

The TTB -your big brother who’s heart is in the right place even if he is over protective and slow

GNS or NGS – as Voltaire would say, “the blank slate”


Now that we all know these terms, I can use them freely going forward and not feel like an asshole.


Cheers, something more interesting next





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