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Bartender Re-education: The Irish Coffee

Bartender Re-education: The Irish Coffee Every coffee+booze cocktail is a piece of shit except this one. Spanish coffee? Fuck that drink. Bailey’s and coffee? Look granny, you could have had that at home.  Every coffee cocktail up until the Irish … Continue reading

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Bartender Re-education: The Negroni

The Bartender Re-education Plan took a break but now that the holidays are pretty much over, so are the excuses. You must make 1,000 Negronis before you ever change the 1:1:1 ratio.  Changing the ratios changes the recipe.  Using dry vermouth instead … Continue reading

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Bartender Re-education: The Old Fashioned

Even though Don Draper is really helping America Drink better, there are a few dozen big name bartenders around America right now fiercely fighting to restore the Old Fashioned cocktail from the insipid trends that have beset it.  And I … Continue reading

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Bartender Re-education: The Sour

Bartender Re-education: The Sour Spirit + (Lemon or Lime) + Sugar  + Shake + Strain = Sour I could have stopped there for the fastest blog post ever.  That is just how simple the sour is.  But, my growing disdain … Continue reading

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Nationwide Bartender Re-Education Program: The Tom Collins

In an effort to not only throw hate into the universe, I have started a Bartender Reeducation Program. If you’re not familiar with this act of charitable giving, check out this explanatory blog post. Many friends and readers got back to … Continue reading

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Nationwide Bartender Re-Education: The Daiquiri

What the fuck is so hard about making a Daiquiri?  That is what my alarm clock chirps as I spring out of bed every afternoon.  I really do wonder this every day, so many cocktails I slide across the bar … Continue reading

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The Bartender Re-Education Plan

Paul Clarke’s stewardship over  Mixology Monday, otherwise know as MxMo, did a great thing for bartenders, drinking, and the Internet.  I don’t think that outside of contributing the occasional rant to MxMo I could come close to creating something as long lasting … Continue reading

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