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Bartender Re-education: The Old Fashioned

Even though Don Draper is really helping America Drink better, there are a few dozen big name bartenders around America right now fiercely fighting to restore the Old Fashioned cocktail from the insipid trends that have beset it.  And I … Continue reading

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What is Underberg, and why is it so amazing?

When you don’t know what a liquor is, first ask yourself: “What is written on the bottle?” This little green bottle reads…   Underberg: After a good meal “Underberg is an herb bitters taken for digestion, it is not a … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures: Classic drinks are classics for a reason, simplicity. And respect the grandma.

Simple Pleasures: Classic drinks are classics for a reason, simplicity.  And respect the grandma. Recently, I just like to make drinks out of the Mr Boston drink book.  Not true really, I haven’t opened the book since a brutish cannuk … Continue reading

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Peychaud’s, Angostura, Regan’s No. 5 and Why bitters matter, and recipes on how to make bitters.

You aren’t a bar unless you have bitters. That’s a like a kitchen without spices or sex with only that missionary position. Bitters are to cocktails what fire is to steak, but even more so. Steak tartare is delicious but … Continue reading

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