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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 8th, The French Connection

Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar is another one of those, “you have to look it up every time some one orders it” cocktails. I’ve only made the French Connection at a few different points in my bartending career that seem like … Continue reading

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Teaching Christine how to make a Caipirinha

As a child I remember Christine as a good friend of my parents, one of their many friends that I had a lot of respect for.  I recall Christine as being louder than, well…most things. And, as a shy child … Continue reading

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The recipe for a Vesper, a lesson in technique.

The recipe for a Vesper, a lesson in technique. A friend of mine asked me “the Zig Zag Vesper: I adore Murray’s version. I don’t suppose you have any inkling how he does it? I’m trying to recreate as closely … Continue reading Continue reading

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So I was in a conversation with what will continue to be an unnamed bartender from a very exclusive French joint, and he was explaining the high-end fuck buddies that he cultivates through his position. Less than 2 sentences later, … Continue reading

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It’s all the same drink

Well, there is more than one, but not many more. Think of it as half and half drinks, 2 thirds to 1 third, equal thirds, equal forth’s and “other.” You’ll find to make drinks “good” or “not all taste the … Continue reading

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  Campari is where it started for me (and Larry Flynt). On my first solo bar shift I took down all of the bottles I didn’t know and tasted them, and I don’t think its surprising for an American boy … Continue reading

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