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Holiday Flask Guide: Après Ski

The Après Ski edition of the holiday flask guide isn’t just about hitting slopes, it’s also about having something to do on a ski lift. It is a time honored tradition to get flasky on the mountain and this is … Continue reading

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Holiday Flask Guide: Intro

It’s that special time of year when I want to write about drinking sweet advent drinks, make Tom & Jerry’s or value shop for whiskies. But this year, I’m drawing my inspiration from my wife’s company holiday party — how … Continue reading

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“How to write a good cocktail menu” or “how to not write a cocktail menu like a fucking hack.”

  Enjoy this very incomplete list of drinks, ideas and bases spirits to test your menu.  

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Negroni Week Wrap Up- Thanks for being classy, Campari

I type this from my porch, literally while bird watching; I am now old. With context now set, I want to thank Campari for being a really good sport about Negroni Week.   9 out of 10 Negronis I saw … Continue reading

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What is Moonshine?

Moonshine is a term that many say comes from the illegal production and or transportation of spirits that often took place at night.  It is a tradition that farmers have carried out since farmers have had surplus grain.  Moonshine is … Continue reading

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The New Cocktail Vernacular, The Acronym Suite is over, the “New Vodkas” are next

If you thought this suite was boring, you are right.  I hate acronyms and I really do try to use them less.  I find them to be exclusionary and often, not really time savers, like any acronym with a “W.” … Continue reading

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The TTB is the ATF without the guns

If you were a little kid with an oblique sense of humor like me, you likely thought that the ATF was the funniest thing ever.  Alcohol, Tobacco AND Firearms & Explosives? Why not just make a “Bureau of Fun & … Continue reading

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