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The Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 15th, The Coffee Cocktail

Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar is the dumbest name for a cocktail ever: The Coffee Cocktail.  The Coffee cocktail has no coffee., nor is it a cocktail (a cocktail being spirit, water, sugar, bitters, and stirred).  This is a Jerry Thomas … Continue reading

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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 13th, The Hot Toddy

Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar begins with a line in the sand and a threat of war.  It pains me to make this threat because is is against those in the trade that cares for me most, the baristas.  Baristas, I … Continue reading

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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 12th, The Improved Stinger

The Stinger is a cocktail that has been falling out of favor for about 60 years now.  This is really a huge miss for bartenders looking for an easy out.  But today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar will invite you to remember the … Continue reading

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