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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec23 rd, The Friar Briar’s

This is by far the most difficult drink in the Cocktail Advent Calendar.  We did not make it authentically, but we did make it for service, and that is much harder.  It is the winning recipe from 2006 at the … Continue reading

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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 21st, Betsy Ross

I first learned about the Betsy Ross cocktail for today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar from a Crosby Gaige book.   I know of another variation for this cocktail that turns it into a flip. It is easy to see why a … Continue reading

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The Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 15th, The Coffee Cocktail

Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar is the dumbest name for a cocktail ever: The Coffee Cocktail.  The Coffee cocktail has no coffee., nor is it a cocktail (a cocktail being spirit, water, sugar, bitters, and stirred).  This is a Jerry Thomas … Continue reading

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The Cocktail Advent Calendar- December 3rd: The Crimson & Clover

Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar is the first original recipe of the month.  I can’t believe I was the first one to come up with using “Crimson & Clover” as a cocktail name, if someone else did it first I’d like … Continue reading

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Bartender Re-education: The Sour

Bartender Re-education: The Sour Spirit + (Lemon or Lime) + Sugar  + Shake + Strain = Sour I could have stopped there for the fastest blog post ever.  That is just how simple the sour is.  But, my growing disdain … Continue reading

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Eggy Weggies

At present, eggs aren’t part of standard bar service, but by the time I finish this book they could be. After leaving tales of the cocktail, I feel that it’s a good time to get people hyped on drinking chickens. … Continue reading

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