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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 9th, The Angel’s Tit

In the world of layered shots, the Angel’s Tit is the easiest to make and the only drink I know of that is named for a boob.  The Cocktail Advent Calendar is serious about drinking but the phrase, “ANGEL TIT … Continue reading

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Peychaud’s, Angostura, Regan’s No. 5 and Why bitters matter, and recipes on how to make bitters.

You aren’t a bar unless you have bitters. That’s a like a kitchen without spices or sex with only that missionary position. Bitters are to cocktails what fire is to steak, but even more so. Steak tartare is delicious but … Continue reading

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So I was in a conversation with what will continue to be an unnamed bartender from a very exclusive French joint, and he was explaining the high-end fuck buddies that he cultivates through his position. Less than 2 sentences later, … Continue reading

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