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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 8th, The French Connection

Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar is another one of those, “you have to look it up every time some one orders it” cocktails. I’ve only made the French Connection at a few different points in my bartending career that seem like … Continue reading

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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 6th, Grog

Last Friday the Cocktail Advent Calendar gave us Vin Brule, a warm wine based drink, a potent tipple to share with your kin.  This Tuesday is a cannon blast of Grog, a hot rum blooded gulper to get lit up … Continue reading

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The Cocktail Advent Calendar-December 4th: Spanish MOTHER FUCKING Coffee

Because of today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar, let December 4th forever be known as the Day of International Spanish Coffee. DISC = December 4th.  I’m not a stupid bartender, I know that it is a total rookie move to prepare just … Continue reading

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Most margaritas are 100% crap. Here is the simple fix…

Most commonly I rant on how to fix drinks.  I know I sound like I must be a raging asshole when it comes to drinking.  You must think, “How can that fucker ever enjoy anything?” One word: compromise. The margarita … Continue reading

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The Mai Tai, History, A Recipe, A How To, An Explanation and Technique followed with a Shopping list

I must take a break from my generally offensive (to unfunny people) “10 Rules of Drinking like a Man series” to offer to new readers this treatise on Mai Tais.  You see I am In a Mai Tai competition next … Continue reading

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Peychaud’s, Angostura, Regan’s No. 5 and Why bitters matter, and recipes on how to make bitters.

You aren’t a bar unless you have bitters. That’s a like a kitchen without spices or sex with only that missionary position. Bitters are to cocktails what fire is to steak, but even more so. Steak tartare is delicious but … Continue reading

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So I was in a conversation with what will continue to be an unnamed bartender from a very exclusive French joint, and he was explaining the high-end fuck buddies that he cultivates through his position. Less than 2 sentences later, … Continue reading

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Eggy Weggies

At present, eggs aren’t part of standard bar service, but by the time I finish this book they could be. After leaving tales of the cocktail, I feel that it’s a good time to get people hyped on drinking chickens. … Continue reading

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It’s all the same drink

Well, there is more than one, but not many more. Think of it as half and half drinks, 2 thirds to 1 third, equal thirds, equal forth’s and “other.” You’ll find to make drinks “good” or “not all taste the … Continue reading

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  Campari is where it started for me (and Larry Flynt). On my first solo bar shift I took down all of the bottles I didn’t know and tasted them, and I don’t think its surprising for an American boy … Continue reading

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