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The Drunk of the Dog Park

You will find me, in the dog park at 5pm, with whiskey in hand, reading. I do this more often than I think because I was recently identified by a neighbor as the guy that does just this. On my … Continue reading

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Deep pockets, the bar tools for basic everyday use

When I first read “Craft of the Cocktail” by Dale DeGroff, I fell in love with his “bar tools” page. It’s a peacock tail arsenal of all of the essential bar tools, since then, I’ve come to own several of … Continue reading

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So I was in a conversation with what will continue to be an unnamed bartender from a very exclusive French joint, and he was explaining the high-end fuck buddies that he cultivates through his position. Less than 2 sentences later, … Continue reading

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Eggy Weggies

At present, eggs aren’t part of standard bar service, but by the time I finish this book they could be. After leaving tales of the cocktail, I feel that it’s a good time to get people hyped on drinking chickens. … Continue reading

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It’s all the same drink

Well, there is more than one, but not many more. Think of it as half and half drinks, 2 thirds to 1 third, equal thirds, equal forth’s and “other.” You’ll find to make drinks “good” or “not all taste the … Continue reading

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The Uniform

I stopped into work before my shift, and saw the tall blonde sexy lady bartender foil to me dressed as my equal.  Be that the written nonsense line of a man that has two manhattans (the best cocktail) before he … Continue reading

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