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Most margaritas are 100% crap. Here is the simple fix…

Most commonly I rant on how to fix drinks.  I know I sound like I must be a raging asshole when it comes to drinking.  You must think, “How can that fucker ever enjoy anything?” One word: compromise. The margarita … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures: Classic drinks are classics for a reason, simplicity. And respect the grandma.

Simple Pleasures: Classic drinks are classics for a reason, simplicity.  And respect the grandma. Recently, I just like to make drinks out of the Mr Boston drink book.  Not true really, I haven’t opened the book since a brutish cannuk … Continue reading

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So I was in a conversation with what will continue to be an unnamed bartender from a very exclusive French joint, and he was explaining the high-end fuck buddies that he cultivates through his position. Less than 2 sentences later, … Continue reading

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