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Bartender Re-education: The Irish Coffee

Bartender Re-education: The Irish Coffee Every coffee+booze cocktail is a piece of shit except this one. Spanish coffee? Fuck that drink. Bailey’s and coffee? Look granny, you could have had that at home.  Every coffee cocktail up until the Irish … Continue reading

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Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 20th, Irish Coffee

The Irish coffee will be treated differently than the other drinks on the Cocktail Advent Calendar. Almost every other cocktail that we’ve worked with this month we’ve dressed up. We’ve taken a classic not very good cocktail, substituted good ingredients, … Continue reading

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The Cocktail Advent Calendar-December 4th: Spanish MOTHER FUCKING Coffee

Because of today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar, let December 4th forever be known as the Day of International Spanish Coffee. DISC = December 4th.  I’m not a stupid bartender, I know that it is a total rookie move to prepare just … Continue reading

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