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The Cocktail Advent Calendar-December 1st, The Walnut Old Fashioned

My tree is up and my shopping is done. I only have to write and drink all month. But before we get down to drink no#1 there are new developments in the Cocktail Advent Calendar.  If you travel down to … Continue reading

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10 Rules of Drinking Like a Man #5 Order The Right Drink In The Right Bar At The Right Time

Rule 5: Order The Right Drink, In The Right Bar, At The Right Time It’s called understanding your environment and being aware. Part of being a man is walking into a room and knowing where you are, and who you … Continue reading

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10 Rules of Drinking Like a Man #2 No “Tini’s”

Rule 2: No “Tini’s” God damn it, a Martini is nothing other than gin and vermouth with a dash of orange bitters (if you are lucky) stirred and put into a cocktail glass.  Don’t ever ask what type of, “Martinis,” … Continue reading

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Peychaud’s, Angostura, Regan’s No. 5 and Why bitters matter, and recipes on how to make bitters.

You aren’t a bar unless you have bitters. That’s a like a kitchen without spices or sex with only that missionary position. Bitters are to cocktails what fire is to steak, but even more so. Steak tartare is delicious but … Continue reading

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It’s all the same drink

Well, there is more than one, but not many more. Think of it as half and half drinks, 2 thirds to 1 third, equal thirds, equal forth’s and “other.” You’ll find to make drinks “good” or “not all taste the … Continue reading

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