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Chainsaw Thursday

Chainsaw Thursday Today, I was sad and tired on the way to work.  I stopped by the local bitters store on my way in, Tessa, the 7th most beautiful woman in the world asked me what I was doing on … Continue reading

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The Real Ice Blog

On that last post, I apologize; I was most interested in making fun of the sad man from barschool.com .  And they all deserve it.  They are trying to lower the standards I’m trying to raise.  The entire point of … Continue reading

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How to Carve an Ice Ball

OH NO! MY WHISK(E)Y IS TOO WARM AND MY BEER IS LOSING ITS FUNNESS!! As pictured above, if you want to carve an ice ball, first you’ll need Japanese whisky, beer, an ice pick, a small knife, a giant Hattori … Continue reading

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