About the Ranter

Andrew Bohrer’s father told him to be a Playboy photographer by day and a jazz musician by night. But this happened instead:

I make drinks, drink drinks, write about drinks and that means I deserve a hot dog.

I make drinks, drink drinks, write about drinks and that means I deserve a hot dog.

Andrew Bohrer dipsographs in a surly fashion at www.caskstrength.wordpress.com and recently authored The Best Shots You’ve Never Tried: 100+ Intoxicating Oddities You’ll Actually Want to Put Down, a book that he did not title.  He is a cofounder of the Washington State Bartender’s Guild. Bohrer was a former bartender at Vessel and Rob Roy.  He was the opening bar manager at both Naga Cocktail Lounge and Mistral Kitchen―all 4 bars listed in Food and Wine’s top 100 bars in the world. Bohrer is currently a ronin bartender, mixology consultant and the spirits educator & portfolio manager for Vinum Importing.  He can also open a bottle of beer faster than any mortal.

—–for press to copy

But really, I change kegs, I have scars and I occasionally make vodka sodas for people.  But I also seek out rare liquors, read a ton of books, and listen; these things that others care for.  These days I spend most of my time as an educator for the spirits industry.

This website’s purpose is to create a reference for new bartenders & home mixologists. Well honestly, new bartenders that want to learn classic style. You can learn trash drinks anywhere, or trash technique.  You can also read a ton of blogs where some nerd basically just re-prints shit from old cocktail books. What I focus on is how things were done best and finding the best way to do them now; without comprising quality or speed. I try not to write about me, or the grand art of tending bar (but I love both of those things).  Rather I focus on making a manual for this trade, a reference of the basics to become an artisan through mastery of technique, ingredients and the persona of the bartender.


i can be reached at andrewbohrer at gmail dot com

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