Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 10th, The Tom & Jerry

Today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar is a very special cocktail: the Tom & Jerry.  It is a special cocktail because Anu’s bar, where I work, Rob Roy,  is named for a cocktail, named for a musical, named for a Scottish folk hero,  and the Tom & Jerry is a cocktail named for a play, based on a book.  It goes to show, you really haven’t made it until you have a cocktail named for a spin off of something you’ve done. We won’t be making these any other day, these are fairly difficult/impossible to make one at a time. In case it’s not obvious: ONE NIGHT ONLY!

The Tom & Jerry is an eggnog spin-off, and its recipe is more akin to baking, than to bartending.  My buddy Neil, over at Crumble & Flake, used to oversee me making cocktails like this as they have nothing to do with shaking or stirring something,  rather, it’s all about measuring and following directions (baking).  It needs to be taught like baking instead of loosely constructed like bartending.

Hey cougar at Vito's! I'm calling you out for a Tom & Jerry Challenge! May the best froth win!

One of the best things about the Tom & Jerry being part of today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar is that we were beaten to the punch (bowl).  My buddy Justin over at Vito’s in Seattle did a Thanksgiving Tom & Jerry, too.  It seems they’ll be on the menu there through New Years.  That there is competition on this cocktail is truly a good sign for cocktail culture.

As for a Tom & Jerry set, that is one of the best parts of this drink: specialized glassware.  My fiance, editor & person who takes my nice socks (all the same person) has been picking up Tom & Jerry sets at the Goodwill and online for a while now.  They are out there to be had, cheaper than old coffee mugs and really fun.

Thanks for my set Michelle, I'll never take it to work so that the mugs won't get stolen like when STUPID ASSHOLES STEAL MOSCOW MULE MUGS. IT'S FINE YOU DUMB FUCKS, YOU ARE PAYING $10 + FOR A SHOT OF WELL VODKA YOU INSIPID TWATS! THE JOKE IS ON YOU!

Tom & Jerry 

  • Egg whites

beat until stiff, then fold in

  • Egg yolks
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Cream

reserve on the side, in a mug add the following hot ingredients

  • Brandy
  • Dark Rum
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon
  • Allspice
  • Hot water

mix in the eggy fluff and garnish with nutmeg

And now you have traveled trough time to the 1820’s where doing all of this work for a drink is how we gathered together for an X-mas tipple.  Please come in for one of these amazing cocktails tonight.  Bryn will have used great engineering to have our Tom & Jerry’s roll out with assembly line efficiency.

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2 Responses to Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 10th, The Tom & Jerry

  1. Justin Gerardy says:

    Mon frere! You may be a worthy competitor for a day, but the stout and hearty bartenders at Vito’s are tough enough to make Tom and Jerrys until the New Year, not just a single day! I accept your T&J duel tonight. May the finest bar win!

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