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A blog by any other name would ramble on

You might have noticed this doesn’t get updated much.  That’s because I got busy, and worked on other things and also worked at placed where I had to watch my mouth.   I don’t have to do that anymore.   … Continue reading

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A 5k “Dash of Balance” is a “Pain in the Ass” that you need.

Last year, I got up early in the morning, in the New Orleans heat, and went for a 5K run. And I will again this year. I did this because my friend Dragos, who now also happens to be my … Continue reading

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A Menu of Gin Tonics & A Feast For Juniper

What’s up with the Spanish Gin Tonic? If you are vaguely aware of European cocktails or are a juniper fiend you are probably up to speed on Spain’s obsession with the Gin & Tonic. The Spanish “Gin Tonic” is served … Continue reading

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Your cocktail menu is FUBAR, but who are you writing it for?

Your cocktail menu is FUBAR I have a lot of beliefs and cultish dogma on how a cocktail menu should be assembled.  But what has been recently making me want to 151 blow torch my eyes out is how bartenders … Continue reading

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The Batida- a recipe for the original fat washed cocktail.

The Batida. What is is an how do you make it? Here is a basic recipe and a complex fancy recipe too. Brazil does indeed have a cocktail OTHER THAN THE CAIPIRINHA. I know, it seems downright rude to have … Continue reading

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A rebuttal to the Seattle Weekly

I recently saw this post from the Seattle Weekly about the cost of craft cocktails in Washington.  Here is my response: Dear Bar Code, Before I sincerely ask you to go fuck yourself with a broken Chihuly sculpture, I would like … Continue reading

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Holiday Flask Guide: Après Ski

The Après Ski edition of the holiday flask guide isn’t just about hitting slopes, it’s also about having something to do on a ski lift. It is a time honored tradition to get flasky on the mountain and this is … Continue reading

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Holiday Flask Guide: Intro

It’s that special time of year when I want to write about drinking sweet advent drinks, make Tom & Jerry’s or value shop for whiskies. But this year, I’m drawing my inspiration from my wife’s company holiday party — how … Continue reading

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“How to write a good cocktail menu” or “how to not write a cocktail menu like a fucking hack.”

  Enjoy this very incomplete list of drinks, ideas and bases spirits to test your menu.  

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Happy Vodka Day

October 4th is national vodka day. I thought I would take this as an opportunity to discuss an important part of my bar philosophy: If you don’t care about vodka, that means your vodka choices are that much more important. … Continue reading

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