Cocktail Advent Calendar-Dec 19th, Harvest Moon

If you look up the “Harvest Moon” cocktail you’ll see about 40 to 70 different recipes for it. You’ll find that this is often the case for any cocktail that might be named after a song from the 70’s. Try looking up various Fleetwood Mac titled cocktails and find that every single song on “Rumors” has a cocktail, or eight, named for each track. Despite this overwhelming love for making harvest moon themed cocktails. ours is a quite simple showcase of harvest flavors unlike the rest of the pack. It will showcase applejack, bonded applejack and, of course, orgeat lime juice and Angostura bitters. This is the same formula as a classic Tiki recipe called the Barbancourt rum cup. And it works so well I basically would call for the “spirit, orgeat, lime juice and a dash of Angostura” to be a cocktail template. I have already used this in a template for one of my “originals” called a “Signal to Noise.”  I hope today’s Cocktail Advent Calendar recipe has given you a new drink family, might as well call it the “Harvest Moon” drink family.

That's a pretty little number.

Harvest Moon

  • 1.5 oz applejack
  • .5 oz orgeat
  • .25 oz lime juice
  • 1 dash Angostura

It could, quite possibly, be one of the worst day’s of the year today. Simply because it is the Monday before Christmas, and everyone will be building up to the *big day* by yelling at each other and generally being snot faces, and there’s no legitimate way to take Friday off of work. It’s going to be a long shitty week. Today’s sad song to go with that is, “I’d like you for Christmas” by Julie London.   It’s not a particularly sad song but it is a song that’s incredibly slow and longing and goes on a while – like this day probably will – but fear not! Hopefully you get a three day weekend coming up soon.

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